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Surprise and Delight Marketing

What is it?

Surprise and delight marketing involves providing unexpected rewards for potential and current customers with the intent of enhancing their engagement with your brand and nurturing their subsequent customer journey.


Why is it important?

It’s no lie that delighting customers is becoming increasingly difficult as expectations continue to rise. Delivering a ‘good’ or even ‘great’ experience is no longer seen as delightful – it’s gradually becoming the norm.


To grab your customer’s attention, retain their loyalty and encourage advocacy, it’s now essential to provide an exceptional, unexpected and amazing experience. For example, giving your purchasers a generic settlement gift isn’t ‘great’ customer experience – it’s expected.


A personalised, tailored and thoughtful gift, however, that recognises the small details your customers have shared with you throughout the buying process – that’s impressive. Effective surprise and delight offerings place emphasis on exceeding expectations of service in personalised and innovative ways. It’s also important to remember that it’s not only your current customers who deserve surprise rewards, but those who have not yet entered the purchasing cycle also. Doing this will enable improved conversion rates and increased likelihood of recommendation.


One of the world’s most celebrated and recognised entrepreneurs, Richard Branson says: “The key is to set realistic customer expectations, and then not to just meet them, but to exceed them — preferably in unexpected and helpful ways”, further highlighting the importance of using surprise and delight initiatives to achieve success.


And if you still need convincing as to why this marketing method is so crucial, according to the Global 2017 SAP Hybris Consumer Insights Report, six customers out of ten cited surprise rewards as a reason they stay loyal to a brand. This again indicates that unexpected gifts play a major role in positively impacting your customers’ perception of your brand.


What initiatives can you implement?

When you consider the amount of time, effort and emotion your customers have invested into purchasing their new home with you, ‘rewarding’ them with a bottle of champagne or cheese board can look quite impersonal in comparison. Surprise and delight offerings don’t need to be expensive – but the best ones are thoughtful, personalised, empathic and creative.


The personal information that your sales representatives have gained from their interactions with customers is a highly valuable asset, and therefore needs to be put to good use. The interests, hobbies and social activity of your customers can be used as inspiration for their personalised surprise and delight gift. For example, if you know your purchaser is passionate about AFL, why not purchase tickets for them to attend their favourite team’s next game? Or, if your customer enjoys going to the cinema, surprise them with a Gold Class experience.


Giving a bottle of champagne as settlement gift to someone who doesn’t drink alcohol isn’t exactly a thoughtful or tailored gesture. A surprise gift is only a delight when it is personalised and meaningful, demonstrating your brand’s ability to pay close attention to the information your customer has provided and communicating your dedication to their experience. Some other ideas for thoughtful surprise and delight offerings for property developers include:


  • Create a personalised welcome video for new residents

  • Pay residents a welcome visit when they move in to their new home

  • Send a hand-written note and gift to mark residents’ one-year anniversary in their new home

  • Remember customers’ birthdays or important milestones

  • Take note of customers’ coffee orders, and have it ready when they walk into a meeting

  • Invite customers to an event or party hosted by your brand

What surprise and delight initiatives do you implement to enhance your customer journey?



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