Why the Value Proposition Must Be the Starting Point for Your Marketing Plan

Customer obsession, customer-first strategy, customer experience, customer relations. We talk about this a lot in property but when push comes to shove, the customer is not always at the forefront of our decision making. Are you sometimes overwhelmed by the lack of tools available to create value for your customers? Do you get frustrated that [...]

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Why Marketing and Medicine are More Similar Than You Think

I recently read a LinkedIn article by Kaitlyn Gillies, entitled Treat your Marketing Consultant like your GP. Gillies, in her compelling article, compares the way general practitioners’ knowledge, advice and medical recommendations are received, versus that of marketing experts by businesses. “We respect the advice of medical practitioners because they have knowledge, training, skills and [...]

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Audience Segmentation Made Simple

Segmentation is the process of organising your audience into meaningful groups, or segments. These groups share particular characteristics, such as demographics, socioeconomics, behaviours, geographics or psychographics and are determined based on your brand’s communications objectives. Different audiences require different forms of communication and information – that’s why segmentation matters. It ensures that organisations deliver the most [...]

By |2018-12-13T13:35:58+10:001st August, 2018|Content Marketing, Customer Experience, General Marketing|

Five Steps to Creating a Customer-Centric Culture for Your Business

Despite property being perhaps the largest purchase an individual will make in their life, many property developers do not place a big enough emphasis on customer service. The truth is, delivering an exemplary customer experience only works when the entire organisation and all its facets place the customer journey at the forefront of all strategies [...]

By |2018-12-13T13:36:27+10:0016th July, 2018|Customer Experience|

Buyer Personas: How Well Do You Know Your Customer?

Great marketing decisions are made based on insights gathered through a number of sources including desktop research, qualitative and quantitative commissioned or purchased research, anecdotes from stakeholders such as builders, sales and real estate agents, Australian Bureau of Statistics information and economic data. In business, it’s not enough to know who your target customers are. [...]

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