5 ways SEO can benefit your property business

You’ve probably heard the term ‘SEO’ thrown around in today’s digital-driven world. But do you know what SEO is, and how it can help your property business? According to Jill Whalen, CEO of High Rankings, “Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the [...]

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4 Cost-Effective Ways to Dominate Digital Marketing

With digital platforms being the most popular way for individuals to consume information and content, it’s imperative that your digital presence is consistent, accurate and attractive. Here are some simple and cost-effective initiatives to be on top of your digital game: 1. Review the ROI of your digital listings In some instances, advertising on platforms [...]

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5 Digital Marketing Trends You Should Know About

Adobe and Econsultancy’s Digital Trends Report 2019 is out, and we’re intrigued – but not surprised – by the findings! Among others, the report’s main findings indicate a strong correlation between company success and the delivery of a first-class, personalised customer experience.  Take a look at some of the latest digital trends for 2019 and [...]

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What marketing platforms fit your marketing strategy?

Having a multiplatform communication strategy is vital for developers and builders to ensure customer satisfaction. The stats presented come from Statista and represent the estimated data that’s created in ONE MINUTE on the internet. We understand that you can’t, and probably don’t need to, be on every platform but it’s easy to choose a few [...]

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Marketing through Messaging Apps

Messaging apps are opening up a whole new window of opportunity for your brand’s marketing function. In our recent Social Media Summit, we researched and explored the exciting marketing and communication opportunities presented by three popular messaging apps: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and WeChat. Read on to discover how these apps can become an integrated part [...]

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