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Customer Experience, Project Marketing
Sales engagement, purchaser loyalty, increased brand awareness, community building. Events are a great way to achieve all of the above – and more! – all while providing your project’s community with fun and entertainment. Your event has the ability to shape your community’s perception of your brand and your project, so it’s crucial that you get it right. That’s why we’ve created The Ultimate Guide to Property Events! We’ve partnered with event experts, En Pointe Events, to bring you a guide that’s chock-a-block with must-know information on how to make

Lead Generation, Project Marketing, Strategy
If you’re planning on hosting an event, it’s important that you ask yourself the following question:Are you hosting a community or marketing event?Often confused as the same thing, marketing events and community events actually have different objectives. You’ll need to identify which event it is that you are organising to effectively plan and strategise.The key to a successful event, is the alignment of your event and marketing strategies. You’ll experience greater success from your events when you integrate your event strategy with your overall marketing strategy.An important step in achieving

Customer Experience, Project Marketing, Strategy
So, you’ve just hosted an event and you’re trying to determine its success. While it’s important to rate the event against your own KPI’s and measures of success, it’s crucial that you gain an insight into how your attendees, suppliers and employees perceived your event. Surveys are an efficient and effective means to collect feedback and data, and so are highly valuable when gauging how people perceived your event. The feedback you collect from surveys can help to evaluate attendee satisfaction, as well as highlight how you can improve or enhance your next

Content Marketing
The coffee cart is booked, and the balloons are sorted. Your radio ads are running, and RSVPs have started to come through. But have you considered how content marketing will play a role in your upcoming event? From social media to EDMs, content marketing is a cost-effective way to communicate your next event. We, along with Event Director, Kate Stewart, from En Pointe Events, have created this guide to help you execute a successful content marketing strategy from pre-event preparations, to on-the-day celebrations, and post-event recaps. Discover our top content