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Customer Experience, Lead Generation
There’s a myriad of initiatives you can help your sales team to undertake that will engage prospects with minimal to no spend. Your sales team need to be the ultimate experts of your project, and their knowledge and expertise must be consistent across the board to encourage reliability and trust. Here are some ideas to lead the sales team toward making sales without spending a fortune:1. Perfect the sales presentationDetermine your project’s unique selling proposition and key points and develop a consistent presentation across the entire sales team. You can

Lead Generation, Strategy
Your database needs to be filled with meaningful information on your customers in order to help fuel the creation of effective marketing tactics.   Make it a rule to never take names off the database – just because someone isn’t ready to purchase now, doesn’t mean they won’t become ready, whether it takes a few months or a few years.    There are plenty of ways to utilise your database to achieve greater conversions without spending a great deal of money.1. Segment your database Segment your database without solving what your segments are.

Content Marketing, Lead Generation, Lead Nurture, Strategy
With digital platforms being the most popular way for individuals to consume information and content, it’s imperative that your digital presence is consistent, accurate and attractive. Here are some simple and cost-effective initiatives to be on top of your digital game:Review the ROI of your digital listings In some instances, advertising on platforms such as REA can put a serious dint in your budget, so make sure you’re getting results. This could also be a great time to look at other advertising channels and platforms which may cost less, such

Lead Generation, Lead Nurture, Strategy
When it comes to databases, bigger isn’t always better. In a recent article by Seth Godin, it states that, “Direct marketers don’t care how many people they reach. They care what percentage take action”.   I found this statement very interesting considering developers, in my experience, love big databases, but do very little to nurture them.   A large database is worth nothing if you’re not actively trying to convert these leads into sales. With that said, it’s also important to segment your audience to ensure you’re talking to the right people at the

Lead Nurture
Over 12 months ago I conducted a workshop with a project team. The objective was to collaboratively devise a marketing and sales plan to deliver the very large number of sales required. One of the first questions I asked of the Sales Manager was, “How many prospects do you have on the database?” Him (proudly): “7,000” Me: “And on average, what is your conversion rate?” Him (proudly): “10%” Me: “So, based on those numbers, if we spent no money on generating new enquiry this year, we could achieve the sales