Content Strategy vs. Social Media Strategy

There always seems to be a great deal of confusion when a discussion about social media strategy and content strategy arises.  Many in the property industry believe the two concepts are either interchangeable or identical, but it’s not true.  Content marketing and social media marketing are two separate avenues, albeit with a fair amount of [...]

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Tech Talk: 4 Apps to Diversify Your Content

Internationally acclaimed keynote speaker Andrew Davis wisely said that “content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.” Following on from his insightful words, marketers must ensure their content is engaging, relevant and meaningful in order to continue to build relationships with customers, and hence drive revenue. A brand’s content must have a [...]

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Our Top Takeaways from Adobe’s Digital Trends Report 2018 – Part Two

For the second installment of our Digital Intelligence Briefing: 2018 Digital Trends report takeaways, we discuss the findings that a dual focus on content and data enhances the customer journey. Property Republic’s Key Takeaway: combining data insights with effective content to facilitate well-designed user journeys enriches customer experience. According to the report: “The top strategic [...]

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Our Top Takeaways from Adobe’s 2018 Digital Trends Report 2018 – Part One

Property Republic’s Key Takeaway: Ensuring that the customer experience is at the forefront of every strategy within each department of a business is essential for success. Earlier this year, Adobe and Econsultancy released the Digital Intelligence Briefing: 2018 Digital Trends report, which delivers insights to digital marketing behaviours around the globe. The report provides extremely [...]

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6 Advantages of Outsourcing Your Marketing Team

Determining whether to outsource your marketing team or keep it internal is a difficult decision.  The answer can be found by having a thorough understanding of both the needs and the capabilities of your internal team.  If implemented correctly, engaging the services of an external marketing agency can provide your business with a myriad of [...]

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How to use your FAQs

What are FAQs? FAQ is an acronym for Frequently Asked Questions.  FAQs are the specific questions, queries or comments that are most commonly asked regarding your project or display home. Why are they important? FAQs help your project to identify the areas which may require attention or modification, as well as providing insight to the [...]

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