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Tech Talk: 4 Apps to Diversify Your Content

Internationally acclaimed keynote speaker Andrew Davis wisely said that “content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”

Following on from his insightful words, marketers must ensure their content is engaging, relevant and meaningful in order to continue to build relationships with customers, and hence drive revenue. A brand’s content must have a strong point of difference to cut through the clutter that bombards prospective clients on a daily basis. It’s therefore essential that marketers equip themselves with the available technological tools to continue enhancing and differentiating their content from that of competitors. This Tech Talk episode examines three programs and one website that can help you to easily and effectively diversify your content for maximised engagement.


Canva is a program that makes it easy to create endless types of visual designs and documents in a range of dimensions and for a variety of occasions. Calendars, social media posts, website banners, advertisements, presentations business cards, brochures – the list is truly boundless. It features a user-friendly drag and drop tool, thousands of customisable templates and can be accessed in desktop browsers and mobile apps, making it extremely accessible. You can use any of their 65,000 customisable templates for inspiration, or you can choose to start your document with a blank canvas. The program also enables you to access stock images, illustrations, icons and fonts to enhance your designs. Particularly helpful for marketers is the function that enables you save your brand colours and fonts, and share your designs with other members of your team. You can use Canva for free, or upgrade to Canva premium to unlock a wider range of features for a monthly fee.


Lumen5 is a platform that enables simple video creation powered by artificial intelligence.  Essentially, the program transforms articles and blog posts into video content with images and text.  The program automatically selects stock images and captions that relate to the content of the article. You are also able to upload your own images or choose from their range of stock images, as well as select what text you would like to feature on each slide. You can also choose where you would like to position the text. Simply enter a link to an article or blog post and Lumen5 will automatically fetch the content and populate your storyboard. If your content is in an offline document, you can copy and paste the text into the text box and watch Lumen5 generate the video for you.

Here’s an example video for our blog: The Importance of Mentoring for Females in Property



Although Unsplash is a website and not an app, it is a great tool to add free visual elements to your articles and blogs. Gaining access to copyright-free photos has never been so simple and cheap as it is on Unsplash. The website features over 500,000 photos from 70,000 contributing photographers and generates more than 5 billion photo impressions per month. Photographers upload photos to the website that are then curated by a collection of editors. The permissive copyright terms on its photos has led to Unsplash becoming one of the largest photography suppliers on the internet, with its members’ photos frequently appearing on articles. Unsplash makes it easy to add a visual component to any blog, article or other written content that may feature on your website.


Piktochart is a web-based infographic application that allows even the least design-savvy users to create appealing, creative, informative and even interactive content.  Users can choose from a range of themed templates or begin from scratch with a blank document. It’s a great program to transform mundane statistics into vibrant and innovative diagrams. Users must ‘level up’ if they wish to unlock all of the features that Piktochart offers, such as installing fonts and downloading designs in PDF version.

They have a range of monthly and annual memberships so you can find the plan that works for you. To read another blog in our Tech Talk series where we cover tools to maximise content creation, click here.



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