Tech Talk: Analytics Tools

Putting an effective digital marketing strategy requires consistent performance evaluation.

Which Facebook post garnered the most impressions and engagements?

How many Instagram followers have you gained in the past month?

Does your audience engage better with video or still-images?

Are your social media posts driving traffic to your website? 

The answers to these questions can be easily found, if you use the right tools to track, measure, and analyse your social media marketing efforts.  

We’ve gathered some of our favourite social media analytics tools to help your social strategy flourish: 

Facebook Insights 

The easiest way to measure your social media strategy on your brand’s Facebook page is through its built-in analytics tool, Facebook Insights. It is here that you will find the detailed metrics of your posts including the reach and engagements they achieve. It also enables you to target and understand your audience through age, demographic and location breakdown. Through Facebook Insights, you can identify the best time of the day, the best day of the week, and the best type of content to post, to maximise engagement and achieve results. And the best thing about it? It’s free! 

Google Analytics

Not primarily a social media analytics tool, Google Analytics is indispensable if you want to analyse your website traffic. It allows you to examine how many visits were referred by your social media pages to your website. You can also determine how your visitors behave and how well they convert by adding goals to your Google Analytics tracking.

Pricing: Google Analytics has a free package for small businesses that allows you to monitor a single website. But if you’re looking to unlock its premium application, like Google Analytics 360 with advanced features, you’ll need to send an enquiry for a tailored costing model.  


Specialising in Instagram and Facebook, Iconosquare is an analytics tool that measures and benchmarks social media performance. From growth and engagement to optimisation and profile page activity, this tool tracks your posts’ performance and helps you manage your audience interaction. The reports can be exported in a variety of formats, including PDF and XLS. You can also schedule automatic reports straight to your inbox.

Pricing: Monthly plans range from $29 to $59. 


Measuring your social media campaigns is made easy with Keyhole’s account analytics tool and hashtag tracking. It features pre-built, customised reports with visual charts and graphs that are easy to understand. It features live insights on your social media posts’ performance, allowing you to determine how well each post performs based on media, hashtags, posting time, and other factors. It also enables you to look at your competitor’s strategies, to find out which tactics work best within your industry. Their real-time analytics also include growth, optimisation and audience insights, which can be shared through the online dashboard or downloaded as reports. 

Pricing: Plans start from $179/month to $899/month. There is also an option for custom pricing. At Property Republic, as well as ensuring the development and maintenance of an effective social media strategy, we also consider it important to measure our marketing efforts and brand’s performance. This is the only way we can accurately and informatively understand the effectiveness of our initiatives.

Disclaimer: Prices featured throughout this article are correct as at 25thSeptember 2018 and are subject to change 



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