The 90-day action plan and how it will help get things done

When you woke up on New Years’ Day, was your head spinning with resolutions that require a bit more thought and planning?


To realise the Property Republic strategic plan, each team member also has an individual 90-day action plan to ensure that everyone is working towards the same business objective. Breaking down the annual plan into bite-sized chunks is less daunting and will help overcome the last quarter rush to get everything done. It’s easier to budget, resource, monitor and review each strategy and action. Three months is enough time to stay focussed and make meaningful progress, as there is an end in sight.


Devote time to your plan


Strategic plans don’t just magically action themselves. You need to devote time to your plan every week. One of our favourite books is Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. If you only remember one thing from it, remember this one – the Time Management Matrix.


Essentially, if you spend 15 minutes each week writing all the things you want to do that week on the matrix, and then diarise it, you can get to the important stuff that will help you achieve the objective.


In another of our favourite books, The Personal Efficiency Program by Kerry Gleeson, there is an excellent section on how to diarise using six general categories: daily plan, weekly plan, project implementation plan, strategic plan, goal setting, values.


Have a plan champion


Allocate someone to check-in on the team every month. Their role is not to meddle but to identify road blocks and help remove them.


Don’t try and do too many things


Productivity studies show that you really can’t focus on more than 5-7 items at any one time. Don’t try and impress by attempting to complete your annual strategic plan within the first 90-days; it just doesn’t happen.

Measure, review and reflect


The first 90-days will be the hardest. You may feel like a failure but as long as you don’t make excuses as to why you haven’t actioned the whole plan, then hold your head high, re-focus and attack the next 3 months with gusto!


Download our 90-day action plan template here.



Judi Carr

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