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The difference between content marketing and public relations

Property Republic’s entire business model is built around content marketing and the importance to educate first, sell second. Within the property industry especially, content marketing is still a relatively new concept and all too often we hear people ask: “So, it’s like public relations, right?”.

While content marketing and public relations do have many similarities (and content marketing is being used by more and more public relations professionals), there are actually some pretty significant differences.

Let’s start by looking at what the two have in common. Both use writing, design and different communication channels to communicate a message with their target audiences. They also share the same goal – to influence someone to take a desired action, such as download a brochure, purchase a home or visit a display village.

Where they differ is in the type of communication channels they use. Public relations communicate with audiences that already exist, such as readers of a particular newspaper or magazine, while content marketing creates its own audiences, using blogs, brochures, videos, and more.

For example, as a property marketer engaging in public relations, you might pitch a story about a new development or an event to a journalist at Domain. Or, you might write a press release about that development or event and distribute it in channels where journalists go to find new stories.

With content marketing on the other hand, you wouldn’t actively try and engage with journalists in order to promote your event or new development (they might still pick up your story, but it’s not something you’re working towards). Instead, you would write a blog post about the topic and distribute it across your different channels (social media, email newsletter, brochures, and so on).

The advantage of content marketing is that you own all the content you produce, and you decide when, where, and to whom you communicate it, instead of relying on someone else for this. It’s also much kinder to your marketing budget.

And while your content might reach more eyeballs using traditional, more established channels, there’s no guarantee these audiences are actually interested in your brand or the homes you sell. With content marketing, on the other hand, you can almost guarantee that the people reading or watching your content are likely prospects as they actively seek it out.

At Property Republic, we are experts at content marketing. If you need help with your content marketing strategy, get in touch!



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