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The Feedback Stick

In terms of overall value for money, especially when it comes to ROI for customer service, the fast-food restaurant industry rarely skips a beat.

Sure, sometimes you might get annoyed if they left a pickle in your cheeseburger when you specifically ask for it without, but it’s barely equivalent to the disappointment home builders are faced with when it comes to title and construction delays.

Australian food chain burger specialist, Grill’d, has taken this one step further and introduced a feedback stick – literally.

Eat-in diners have their standard cutlery caddy on the side of the table, with a red-tipped wooden dowel.

You order your food. Sit down and wait for your food. Receive your food. And then mid-mouthful one of the wait staff come to your table and ask how your meal is. Swiftly keeping their eyes on you and the meal while taking the stick and flipping it over to expose the white tip.

The white tip means they’ve asked you for your feedback and you can go back to enjoying your meal.

Then you leave. They thank you; and clean up the table, ready for the next person. Red tip up.

What can the food service industry teach us in the property industry?

Customer service is a well-trained habit.

Train your front line. And train them again. Even your longest-serving employee needs to be reminded about the importance of customer service and best practice standards in service delivery.

We recently completed an extensive mystery shopping exercise and one developer stood out in terms of consistency in messaging and sales experience. They also ensured to follow up and survey the customer after their interaction with the project.

I was drafting this experience in my notes as I sat in Grill’d and mindlessly switched screens and scrolled through Instagram. I then came across this quote tile:

We are what we repeatedly do.

How serendipitous.

Every customer is an opportunity for feedback. This doesn’t always rely on paying to find this feedback, but of course you can with our project diagnostic service. Get in touch today.

Image credit @plantifulpenchant.



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