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Top Marketing Pages to Follow

The marketing world is constantly evolving, and as a result it’s imperative that property marketers arm themselves with knowledge to keep up with the changing trends. This enables us to stay relevant and deliver meaningful information to our target audience. Here are some of the marketing pages we recommend adding to your arsenal:


Short for Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising, ADMA is the leading authority in data-driven marketing and advertising in Australia. This association boasts over 600 corporate members from financial institutions, airlines, travel service companies, telecommunications companies, educational institutions and major charities. What makes ADMA unique from other sources is that they not only help their members to navigate change in marketing, but also to comply with government regulations through education opportunities and latest news. Their site is rich in online and offline tools and resources that enrich any marketer’s toolkit.

Content Marketing Institute  

So much has been said about content marketing and how it continues to transform the marketing industry. For marketers who want to learn how to implement or enhance their current  content marketing strategies, Content Marketing Institute is a valuable site filled with practical how-to guides and advice from the experts as well as an active community that tackles latest news and advances. Founded by Joe Pulizzi, author of Epic Content Marketing, CMI is one of the best resources if you want to position your brand at the forefront of your industry through multi-channel storytelling and relevant content.


The practice of inbound marketing lies at the core of HubSpot. Their goal is to help marketers develop a business strategy that is empathetic, human and personable, transforming the way markets sell. You can find a range of marketing resources in their online library, including an informative blog, eBooks and guides, free courses, case studies and training and certifications. Many of these resources are free and downloadable. As a marketer, HubSpot is a great destination for self-education and discovering digital marketing.

Seth’s Blog 

Bestselling author Seth Godin is one of the most trusted voices in direct marketing. His blog is not monetised, something that his hundreds of thousands of followers greatly appreciate. In Seth’s blog, you’ll find short articles that tackle many marketing questions in a conversational and straightforward manner. These daily posts are easy to digest, highly informative and motivational. Aside from news, fresh ideas, and updates on the marketing world, there are also links to free content ranging from videos and podcasts to long-form articles.

Social Media Examiner

Dominating the social media sphere is no mean feat. Social Media Examiner provides resources that can help your brand along its social media journey. As well as featuring news and updates on the latest in social media platforms, you’ll also discover comprehensive articles, research, training opportunities and a free social media marketing industry report to aid you in improving and maintaining a strong social media presence. Learn how social media can make your business thrive, connect with customers, drive traffic and generate awareness by keeping up to date with the digital world’s constant changes.

We at Property Republic believe in continuous learning to help our clients build, improve and optimise their marketing strategies.

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