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What personalisation really means

In this digital world of information overload, a lot of the messages we receive are generalised and unrelatable. Just because an EDM or message is personalised with a customer’s name doesn’t mean its content is relevant or personalised to them and their needs.   

In an opinion piece from Marketing magazine, titled “People want messages that matter to them, not messages directed at them,” Joel Vincent discusses what personalisation is, in comparison to relevant marketing 

“Why would single, young, house-sharing renters want a catalogue for new trendy expensive designer furniture? They probably don’t. So why waste marketing effort putting one in their letterbox?”  

The same can be said for homebuyers. Why would First Home Buyers who are tentatively entering the property for the first time want to be bombarded with ‘New Stage Release’ and ‘Buy Now’ messages when they’re not ready to buy yet? They don’t. You’d be better off using your marketing resources to send First Home Buyers information about finance, Government incentives, the highlights of your development’s location and the benefits of building your first home. 

Many marketers consider personalisation to be as simple as including a customers’ name in a subject line. When we talk about personalising and tailoring information to your customer segments, we don’t mean that. We mean delivering content that truly matters to them.  

To begin your journey towards delivering highly targeted and relevant content, you’ll need to segment your audience based on specific demographics, wants, needs and behaviours. Segmentation is the practice of dividing a customer base into groups of individuals by categories such as by age, gender or interests. It’s essential in providing the base for relevant property marketing content. Understanding what customers want will aid in sending a message that truly matters to their situation. 

Say you’re trying to sell a generous block of land in a family-friendly area. You probably won’t be trying to market this lot to a single person with a low income. You’d be better off sending them information on townhomes, or smaller, more affordable home and land packages.  

Throughout the insightful article, Vincent discusses personalisation and its values: ultimately, yes, personalisation can create an increased sense of the connection with the customer. But without relevancy, the value of personalisation is lost.” 

Different messages and information need to be delivered to first home buyers, investors and down-sizers in order to effectively nurture them through the sales process. Marketers need to begin focusing on sending out relevant content to the right people at the right time.

Are you sending out personalised, tailored and relevant content to your customer segments? If you need some help developing an effective content marketing strategy that really converts, get in touch   



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