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Why Brand Loyalty is Your Best Sales Person

Do you know the most common mistake that many in the property industry make? Thinking that selling is the end goal.  

It isn’t. 

Building a strong, dynamic and positive relationship with your existing and potential customers is the best way to remain successful, especially during market down-turns. In fact, brand loyalty is more valuable to your business than your very best sales person 

Loyal customers aren’t only the opportunity for a repeat purchase, they have the potential to become your brand ambassadors, sharing their recommendations of your products and services with their network. They lend an authentic voice that will welcome new customers with a great first impression. What’s afforded is a positive brand image, countless recommendations and additional sales, without you having to spend a penny. 

Closing a deal with your customer is not the end of their journey with your brand – its just the beginning. 

So, what do you do to ensure customer loyalty? And if you’re stuck with a response to this question, does your brand really deserve customer loyalty? 

Here are some ideas you may like to implement 

  1. Prioritise your customer. Their needs, wants and satisfaction relating to their interaction with your brand need to be placed at the top of your priorities list. Make your customer experience the centre of every strategy. 

  2. Fulfil your promises. Always deliver on what you’ve promised your customer, whether it’s providing amenities or helping them get their land titles on time. And during times of unforeseen delays or other tricky situations, communicate clearly and openly with your customers. 

  3. Engage and connect with your customers to give them a sense of belonging and community. This can be done by asking questions, sharing educational blogs, company news and upcoming events to get them involved and join in the conversation.  

  4. Listen to your customers. Take their feedback and opinions into consideration to improve and enhance their buying experience. Make use of surveys to better understand your customers’ needs and wants. 

  5. Show them your appreciation through creating loyalty programs. This can be done by organising engaging activities for residents or offering incentives like exclusive rebates for landscape or interior design



Judi Carr

A bona fide property marketing queenpin who embraces challenges and new opportunities. Loves a good quiz. Go the Hawks. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the property industry having worked for some of Australia's biggest developers and property organisations, our Director, Judi, guides and inspires the success of our brand.By combining her extensive property knowledge and passion with her innovative and strategic thinking, Judi always knows how to achieve the best outcomes for clients.