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Why Marketing and Medicine are More Similar Than You Think

I recently read a LinkedIn article by Kaitlyn Gillies, entitled Treat your Marketing Consultant like your GP.

Gillies, in her compelling article, compares the way general practitioners’ knowledge, advice and medical recommendations are received, versus that of marketing experts by businesses.

“We respect the advice of medical practitioners because they have knowledge, training, skills and experience that give them authority to advise us on what is best for our health. The same goes for working with a marketing professional or agency.”

And I’ve got to say, she makes one hell of a point.

Too often, developers expect their internal or outsourced marketing teams to magically make leads walk through the door, all while being unwilling to address the root cause of the sales slump. Just as painkillers mask the symptoms of a variety of ailments while doing little to heal the source of pain, so do reactive marketing tactics. Spending a significant amount of your marketing budget on lead generation and search ads is totally wasted if your customer’s experience with your brand is ordinary. Would you purchase an expensive medication if you weren’t confident it was going to heal your illness, or if you had no idea of its ingredients, potential side-effects and potential benefits? Probably not.

The same goes with your project. Your customers are not going to buy if they are not nurtured through the purchasing process, made aware of your project’s unique selling points and informed of the many ways it will solve their problem. Expecting to receive more bodies through the door by pushing out NEW LAND RELEASE messages is much like expecting a patient to purchase medication with a blind-fold on – unrealistic and potentially harmful. The truth is, you don’t need more customers. You just need the ones you have to be effectively nurtured, consistently communicated with and respectfully followed up.

So, when looking for answers from the marketing team, development and sales managers need to respect the expertise of marketing professionals and must be willing to search for and solve the root cause of issues. And marketers must be prepared to ask the right questions and educate the management and sales teams on the most effective solutions available. If you’re looking for a marketing team that will slap a band-aid on top of the metaphorical broken ankle of your property business and call it a strategy, we’re not the people for you.

But, if you’re looking for a team that will work in partnership with your brand, to diagnose the underlying cause of your problems and prescribe an effective, tailored and strategic solution that will enable the success and longevity of your project, get in touch.



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