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Why the Value Proposition Must Be the Starting Point for Your Marketing Plan

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We talk about this a lot in property but when push comes to shove, the customer is not always at the forefront of our decision making. Are you sometimes overwhelmed by the lack of tools available to create value for your customers?

Do you get frustrated that your project team is not aligned on what provides value to each customer segment?

Have you been involved in a project where bold, shiny ideas are tried weekly and inevitably don’t work?

Get in line.

Having a Value Proposition for your project helps to clarify your understanding of your customer segments and how you intend to create value for each segment.

The Value Proposition is the reason why customers will turn to one company over another. It solves a customer problem or satisfies a customer need.

Each Value Proposition consists of a selected bundle of products and/or services that cater to the requirements of a specific customer segment. Note: First Home Buyers, for example, require a different value proposition to investors. Your value proposition could be a game changer in the market place, or similar to competitors, but with added features and benefits.

If your project could do with a Value Proposition or a revival, Property Republic has put together a workshop that involves the whole project team, so you are sure to achieve alignment and buy in. Get in touch here.



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